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take my fucking hand
my names laura and i kinda suck

stand up fucking tall, don't let them see your back, and take my fucking hand, and never be afraid again
  • a- alanshby
  • b- bertallman
  • d- destrroya
  • f- fefeferi, frankway, franksyellowsocks, food-sleep-mcr
  • g- gerard-waysass, getard, ggerard, guitariero
  • i- ier0h
  • m- merryclitorismas, mysexyromance
  • p- professional-queefers
  • r- redheadweirdo, redhairedponchoguy
  • s- scarecrowd, skeletoro, sparkle-like-bowie
  • t- thankyouforthedildos
  • w- whale-cum-to-the-blackparade
  • x- xofrnk

i’m pretty sure i’ve got everyone, if not, gomen!!